Absentee Bidding

Procedure for absentee bids:

Bidder is to provide name, address, telephone number and e-mail address.

A signed check or valid credit card must be in place before bid will be accepted.

All absentee bids are a minimum of $25.00

There is a 15% fee added on to final bid.

An appointment must be made with the Workman Auction to pick up the item(s)

Long term storage is not available.

We do not open a bid at the absentee bidder’s maximum except if your maximum bid is $25.00

Generally, a bid is taken from the floor and the absentee bidders bid will be placed second.

Absentee bidder is represented by one of our staff in a proxy manner.  They bid on your behalf with your best interests with the above mentioned restrictions.  Frequently, absentee bidders may win the item for less than their maximum bid.

We discourage phone bids but can accommodate on some sales on a limited basis.

Workman Auction

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